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Vehicle Storage: Store a Car, Motorcycle, Boat, or RV

Planning to store a vehicle? Use the information below to find the best vehicle storage option for your needs.

Types of Vehicle Storage

  • Indoor Vehicle Storage:Cars, motorcycles, and even small boats can be stored inside a drive-up access storage unit, which provides more coverage from weather, as well as more security.
  • Covered Vehicle Storage: Some storage facilities offer covered parking where cars, boats, and RVs can be protected under an awning from precipitation.
  • Outdoor Vehicle Storage:The most common form of vehicle storage is outdoor parking. Of course, this offers no protection from the elements, but you still get the security of a fenced-in lot with controlled access.

Important Amenities for Vehicle Storage

When looking for vehicle storage, certain amenities may increase the cost of your rental, but they’re well worth the investment since they keep your vehicle safe and easy to access.

  • Security: One of the most important features to think about when storing a vehicle is security. Vehicles are expensive investments, so it’s crucial to find a storage facility that takes security seriously.
  • Access Hours: If you plan on grabbing your vehicle multiple times a week or after hours, you'll want a storage facility that offers extended or 24-hour access. This lets you grab your vehicle at your convenience.
  • Climate Control:Consider climate-controlled storage in order to prevent damage from extreme heat, cold, or humidity. While this is more important for valuable or collector vehicles, it's also good to have when keeping a vehicle in long-term storage.