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What You Need to Know About Using Self Storage in the Spring

Nicer weather usually means spring cleaning, heading home from college, and moving into new homes. Many people rent self storage during the spring to protect belongings while they transition between living spaces or simply to clear out clutter from their homes.

What Items Do People Typically Store in the Spring?

  • Unused furniture
  • Boxes of keepsakes
  • Winter clothing
  • Holiday decorations
  • Shovels and snow blowers
  • Household belongings during a move
  • College dorm belongings

Best Storage Unit Sizes for Spring Storage

  • Small Storage Units (5x5, 5x10): A small storage unit is perfect for storing a few boxes of keepsakes and holiday decorations, as well as small furniture, like shelves or dressers.
  • Medium Storage Units (10x10, 10x15): A medium storage unit can be used for storing the contents of a one or two-bedroom apartment, which is great for anyone moving with mid-sized space needs.
  • Large Storage Units (10x20, 10x30): A large storage unit has enough space to hold the furniture and belongings of a whole house or a vehicle like a car or small fishing boat.

Storage Features to Consider

  • Drive-Up Access: Especially if you're moving a bunch of heavy items, a storage unit with drive-up access will allow you to easily pick up and drop off items at the storage facility.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage: Anything that's considered valuable or temperature-sensitive should be kept in climate-controlled storage. Though spring typically has milder weather than summer or winter, it can still see snowfall or hot, humid days.
  • Security: Protecting your belongings should always be a priority. That's why finding a storage facility that offers security features like video surveillance and gated access is something to consider when renting.

Other Things to Keep in Mind with Spring Storage

  • The large amount of people moving in the spring will create some competition for larger storage unit sizes. Most facilities have a limited quantity of large storage units, so you may see those numbers dwindle during a popular moving season like the spring.
  • Around the end of the school year, college students go after smaller and medium-sized storage units. Students who rent storage units to store dorm belongings will be hitting the market around early May.