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  • Finding Storage in San Jose, California

    Looking for self storage in San Jose, CA? Look no more! Here at you can easily find San Jose storage facilities. You can also compare prices and features, and even rent a unit, all from the convenience of your home or mobile device!


    Whether you're moving to San Jose for work, attending college, or you're simply looking for a way to get more space while saving some money, a storage unit in San Jose can be the solution to your situation.

    Moving to San Jose

    Known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is also a place famous for year-round pleasant weather. With great job opportunities and a beautiful environment, it's no wonder San Jose has recently surpassed more than one million residents.

    San Jose is home some of the largest tech companies in the United States, with some of the area's top employers including Cisco Systems, eBay, IBM, and Adobe Systems. Further innovation in the tech industry has also made San Jose among the leading cities for wage and jobs growth in recent years.

    While relocating for employment can bring new and exciting experiences, moving is rarely an easy task. For instance, you could need to relocate before you actually have a house or apartment lined up, so where will you put all your belongings in the mean time? San Jose storage facilities can provide you the space to keep all your belongings while you're on the hunt for a new home!

    Helpful storage amenities when moving:

    • Security: When leaving all of your belongings in one location that isn't your home, safety has to be a top priority. Find a San Jose storage facility with strong security features such as gated access, video surveillance, and onsite management to prevent any vandalism or theft.
    • Short-term Rental Agreements: You'll hopefully not need a storage unit in San Jose for more than a few weeks while you find your new home, so be sure to find a San Jose storage facility with short-term rental agreements. Then, you pay for only the time you need and avoid getting caught in a long-term contract.
    • Drive-Up Access: Whether it's a house or a studio apartment, moving can require packing up a large amount of items, some potentially heavy too! Rather than haul these belongings through a hallway, get a storage unit in San Jose with drive-up access, which allows you to park your truck or trailer directly in front of your unit for easy access.

    Living in Downtown San Jose

    Downtown San Jose is the central business district of the city, offering residents a place to live, work, and play. Even those living in nearby historic neighborhoods such as Naglee Park, Hensley, or San Pedro Square enjoy proximity to local favorites such as Caribbean restaurant Back A Yard or the cocktail bar Paper Plane.

    However, living in buildings near these attractions can come at a high price, even for a smaller apartment or home. If you're looking to get into the area, this means either paying more rent for a larger apartment to fit your things or downsizing your belongings—a choice few can make easily. However, there is another way: San Jose self storage.

    By renting San Jose mini storage, you can expand your square footage and store away non-essential items like seasonal decorations, recreational gear, or boxes of old documents and photos. A 5x5 storage unit in San Jose can be found as cheap as $60 a month—a much more affordable alternative to renting a larger apartment.

    Storage considerations for downtown living:

    • Unit Size: While storage units in San Jose can be found as large as a 10x30, more apartment renters would find a spare closet handy. For something comparable to a walk-in closet, find a 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit for some additional room at home.
    • Location: Even though you may not need some of your belongings in your house, you may still need convenient access to them. Find a San Jose storage facility in or near downtown so you know your belongings are close at hand when you need them.
    • Extend Hours: Sometimes convenience has less to do with location and more to do with timing. If you're not able to access a storage facility during regular business hours due to your work schedule, be sure to find a storage facility in San Jose that has extended hours, so you can get to your things when you need to.

    College Students and San Jose Self Storage

    San Jose is also an educational destination, with a number of universities and colleges, including San Jose State University. College is a great time to learn, gain experience, and launch a successful career, but that's not to say it doesn't have its challenges beyond finals week.

    For the tens of thousands of students who attend school in San Jose but live out of town, you may not want to go to the trouble of packing up all the belongings from your dorm or apartment to bring home over the summer months, just to repeat the process when you come back in the fall.

    A San Jose storage unit near your campus can be your solution to overstuffing your car by giving you a place to store your unneeded clothes, furniture, and mini fridge.

    Storage tips for college students:

    • Unit Size: A 10x10 storage unit in San Jose can fit the contents of most studio apartments. If you live in shared dorm room, you may only need a 5x5 or 5x10. Another idea is to share a storage unit with a friend or roommate while splitting the cost of the unit rental.
    • Location: For the most convenient San Jose self storage experience, be sure to find a storage facility that is near your campus to make for easy drop-off and pick-up before and after your summer break.
    • Month-to-Month Leasing: Unless you plan on storing a few things throughout the year, be sure to find a San Jose storage facility that offers month-to-month leasing to avoid paying for a long-term contract.

    San Jose Boat Storage

    With access to great local facilities such as Alviso Marina County Park, Vasona Lake County Park, and Lake Elizabeth, as well as close proximity to the San Francisco Bay, you know that boating is definitely a way to get out of the house to enjoy the day!

    Boating provides great entertainment, whether you're fishing, waterskiing, or just floating along in the sun. However, finding a place to keep your boat at home can be a challenge, to say the least. Smaller boats eat up valuable parking and work space in your garage, and that's only if you have a garage. Other boats are left in the driveway, where they're vulnerable to vandalism or theft.

    San Jose boat storage facilities offer special parking spots for your boat in a secured area, giving you peace of mind for when you aren't using your boat.

    Boat storage amenities:

    • Protection: While outdoor boat storage in San Jose is the most popular and affordable, you can get further protection for your boat by finding a San Jose storage facility that offers covered or indoor boat storage.
    • 24-Hour Access: If you're one who likes to get out on the water before the sun comes up, then you're going to need a San Jose storage facility that offers 24-hour access. This way, you can get to your boat whenever you're ready to hit the road, not whenever the facility opens up.
    • Wide-Drive Aisles: Boats can be large and difficult to maneuver outside of the water. Some storage facilities in San Jose offer wide-drive aisles to make it easy to haul your boat or other large trailers through the facility without any bumps or scratches against other stored items.


    Thank you for using for your San Jose self storage needs! If you've found a storage unit in San Jose that you like, you can reserve it directly online. Should you have any further questions, feel free to call in to speak with one of our storage representatives. They'll be happy to provide any further assistance you may need.

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