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about Riverside storage

  • Finding Storage in Riverside, California

    Are you looking for a storage facility in Riverside, CA? Look no further—you can find exactly what you need here at Our website's features allow you to find and compare Riverside storage facilities by giving you the means to look through locations, features, and prices. Plus, once you've found the perfect storage unit in Riverside that meets your exact needs, you can reserve it directly online from our single, convenient location.


    Riverside self storage is beneficial in a number of situations, whether you're moving to the area, attending a nearby university or college, or even if you're just looking for a way to expand your living space at home.

    Moving to Riverside

    Riverside is located roughly 60 miles east of Los Angeles along the Santa Ana River, from where it gets its name. People relocate to Riverside for a number of reasons, whether it's to work in the city' manufacturing sector or with healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente, one of the city's major employers. People also enjoy local attractions, including major golf courses such as the Oak Quarry Golf Club.

    Whether you're moving for employment reasons or looking for warmer climates, relocating to a new city can be exciting, but challenging none the less. For instance, those who are moving due to employment, you may arrive at the city before you have your living situation lined up, which leaves you with no place to keep all your things. Enter Riverside self storage.

    By renting a storage unit in Riverside, you have a safe location to keep all your belongings while you're staying at a hotel and looking for a new home.

    Riverside storage considerations

    • Security: As you'll be leaving all your belongings somewhere away from you, security will be your top concern. Find a Riverside storage facility with strong security features such as gated access, which requires a keycode to get into the facility. Look for more advanced features such as video surveillance and onsite management for further protection.
    • Drive-Up Access: Whether you're moving from a studio apartment or a multi-room house, chances are high you have some larger, heavier items and a decent amount of boxes to move. Find a Riverside self storage with drive-up access so you can park your truck or trailer directly at your unit, saving you time and energy while unloading and loading.
    • Short-term Rental Agreements: In most cases, you won't need a storage unit in Riverside for more than a week or two while moving. Save yourself from getting stuck in a long-term and costly agreement by using a Riverside storage facility that offers short-term agreements, so you only have to pay for the time you need.

    Living Downtown

    After the Riverside Renaissance project, Downtown Riverside's Main Street offers residents a place to eat, shop, and play. In addition, the downtown community also offers attractions such as The Long Night of Arts & Innovation. With so much to do downtown, it's no wonder people want to live here.

    However, the pleasure of living near so much to do can come at a higher cost. And although people are willing to pay a bit more for less room if the location is right, you may have more stuff than you have space. This leaves you with the options of downsizing your stuff or paying an expensive rent for a larger place to live. However, there is a third choice to make: Riverside self storage.

    If you want to live downtown, but can't afford a larger apartment to accommodate all your things, then a Riverside storage unit may be just what you need. You can find this additional space as a great way to store those non-essential items, like recreation gear, seasonal clothing, decorations, or even lawncare equipment.

    What to look for when storing downtown

    • Unit Size: Most apartment renters could do with an extra spare closet for their things. Riverside storage units come in sizes such as a 5x5 or 5x10 unit, which is roughly the space of most walk-in closets and just enough room for your additional belongings.
    • Climate Control: Riverside experiences hot summers and relatively wet winters, which means there's both a temperature and humidity change throughout the year. Such changes can damage electronics, fade documents, and warp wooden furniture over time. Use a Riverside storage facility with climate control to keep your sensitive items at a constant temperature and humidity level to protect to avoid damage or loss.
    • 24-Hour Access: Just because you're items may be non-essentials at your home, that doesn't mean you may not need them a the drop of a hat. Find a storage facility in Riverside that offers 24-hour access so you can get to your things when you need them.

    Storage for College Students

    Riverside is home to the University of California, Riverside, a public research university with more than 21,000 students enrolled, as well as smaller universities and colleges such as California Baptist University, La Sierra University, and the Riverside City College.

    College years can be a great time in your life, where you make lifelong friends and can get equipped to launch a career. However, living in university housing or a cheaper small apartment can be anything but a good time. Between dorm room furniture, clothing, mini fridges, and who knows what else, you may not have much space left in your room! Not to mention the hassle of packing all this stuff to head home over the summer.

    By finding a Riverside storage facility near campus, you can create some additional room in your dorm or apartment by storing non-essentials. You can also keep all your furniture and other large items in a unit over the summer break to spare you the trouble of hauling it all home, just to repeat the process a few months later.

    Storage amenities for college life

    • Month-to-Month Leasing: You never know how things will change in your college years, and you certainly don't want to pay for a unit year-round if you only use it for a summer. By using Riverside self storage month-to-month, you can avoid getting stuck in a long-term contract and use storage when you need it.
    • Unit Size: A 5x10 unit has enough space to hold the contents of a bedroom, while a 10x10 unit can hold up to a living room or a couple bedrooms. You can even go in on a Riverside storage unit with a roommate to get more space while splitting the cost.
    • Climate Control: Riverside can see temperatures well above 90 in the summer months, which can crack paper and plastics and fry electronics. Find a climate-controlled storage unit in Riverside to protect your sensitive items from the high heat.

    Military Storage Near Riverside

    Just east of Riverside is the March Air Reserve Base, headquarters of the Air Force Reserve Command's 4th Air Force and home to the 452nd Air Mobility Wing, as well as a number of other units.

    While March AFB does offer housing options, sometimes military lodging does not provide enough space for the whole family or all your belongings. Additionally, sometimes your services can take you away from home for months at a time.

    Riverside storage facilities can provide military members both a means to expand your square footage at home and a secure location for your belongings while you are out of town on deployment.

    Features for March AFB self storage

    • Security: For those using storage while on long-term deployment, make sure you find a Riverside storage facility with strong security features such as gated access, on-site management, and even individually-alarmed units to keep your items safe while you're away.
    • Vehicle Storage: For some people, their most prized possession is their vehicle. And while it may be easy to part with clothes and decorations while on deployment, it's not always so easy to part ways with their car or truck. Riverside vehicle storage provides designated spaces to park your vehicle while you're away. For additional protection, some storage facilities in Riverside may also offer indoor vehicle storage.
    • Climate-Controlled Storage: Again, Riverside does see seasonal weather, and fluctuating temperatures can cause irreparable damage or lose to sensitive materials such as paper documents, family photos, or wooden furniture. Riverside self storage with climate control is best suited to keep these items safe from weather-related damages.


    Thanks for using to find your Riverside self storage solutions! If you've found a storage unit in Riverside that's perfect for your needs, you can reserve it directly online today. If you have any further questions, please call in to one of our storage representatives, who would be happy to provide any further assistance you may need.

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