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    Are you going to be in and out of your storage unit frequently? If so, chances are you don’t want to constantly go up flights of stairs to reach your second-story storage unit, especially if you're carrying heavy equipment, appliances, or furniture. That's why drive-up access is a good storage feature to have.

    Many storage renters in Los Angeles who know they'll be accessing their unit often choose a unit that has drive-up access, which allows them to park directly next to their units and unload or load items quickly and easily.

    Having drive-up access also means you don't have to carry awkward or heavy objects through narrow hallways or up flights of stairs. It's also ideal if you plan on using vehicle or boat storage, as you can back it into your unit without trouble.

    If you want to find a drive-up access storage unit in Los Angeles, this is the page for you. All of the listings on this page offer drive-up access so you can find the best location and compare rates side by side.

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