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    starting at $111 per month
    Extra Space Storage
    1090 29th Ave
    Oakland CA, 94601
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    starting at $75 per month
    Extra Space Storage
    2201 Clement Ave
    Alameda CA, 94501
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    starting at $28 per month
    Extra Space Storage
    6401 San Leandro St
    Oakland CA, 94621
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    starting at $96 per month
    Central Self Storage
    1913 Sherman St
    Alameda CA, 94501
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    starting at $77 per month
    Extra Space Storage
    210 Fallon St
    Oakland CA, 94607
    2.36 miles away

about Hawthorne storage

  • Finding Storage in Hawthorne, California

    People use Hawthorne self storage for a variety of reasons, from a temporary storage space for furniture and appliances while moving to clearing out lawn equipment or sporting gear from the garage. If you've found yourself in a situation where you could use some additional space, then you've come to the right place.

    At, we can help you find, compare, and reserve storage all in one place online. Search for Hawthorne storage facilities near you and compare them by pricing, available unit sizes, and amenities. Then, if you find a unit you like, you can reserve it directly online!

    Finding the Right Storage Location

    The right location depends a lot on your storage needs. For instance, are you a business owner using a Hawthorne storage unit to keep your office clean of additional supplies or documents? You'll probably want a facility nearby for quick and convenient access to your storage items. Likewise, apartment renters can benefit from having a closer facility so they can get to belongings—like a bike they take to work—without hassle.

    Keep in mind that not all storage needs require this convenience. If you're just looking for a place to keep seasonal decorations or clothing you'll only need once a year, or even if you need storage on a tight budget, look for a place on the outskirts of town. Often, the farther a Hawthorne storage facility is from the center of town, the cheaper its rent can be. Really think through how often you'll need access to your things beforehand, as frequent longer drives to your storage facility will take a higher toll on your fuel costs.

    Determining Your Unit Size Needs

    The items you're planning to store make a huge difference when it comes to finding a storage unit size. Most people use the smaller 5x5 unit for general storage needs. It's roughly the size of a large closet and can hold anywhere from a few boxes and small furniture to lawn equipment and recreational gear. However, if you're looking to store vehicles or the contents of an entire house during a move, a 10x20 or 10x30 is probably better.

    If you need more to help you decide on a unit size, check out's interactive size guide, which features illustrations and descriptions of common unit sizes. Also, you can always call in to speak with one of our storage representatives, who would be happy to help you with determining a unit size.

    Features to Consider

    Just like unit size, the storage features you'll want with your Hawthorne self storage facility depend on your needs. Let's say you're storing large or heavy belongings like furniture and appliances. Drive-up access would be a good feature to have, as it allows you to pull a car or truck up to your unit to load and unload without hassle.

    Or maybe you're storing valuable items that you don't want stolen. Many storage facilities offer security features like on-site management, surveillance cameras, and even individually alarmed units to protect your belongings.

    Perhaps you aren't concerned with theft, but rather you're worried about irreparable damage caused by extreme temperatures and humidity. Storing belongings like wine, antiques, or electronics in a Hawthorne climate-controlled storage unit will help protect your storage items from external weather.

    And what if you need frequent access to your storage items but have a busy schedule that doesn't work with a facility's hours? Find a facility that allows you to have 24-hour access to your Hawthorne storage unit.

    Boat Storage

    With Manhattan Beach and the Pacific Ocean nearby, hitting the water is a great way to have some fun. However, storing a boat at home when you're not using it can be a pain. You're either maneuvering around it in your driveway, or you're sacrificing useful space in your garage. Fortunately, Hawthorne boat storage can help.

    With boat storage, you often have three options: indoor, covered, and outdoor. While they're more expensive, indoor and covered boat storage provide better protection, but outdoor storage is more common and cheaper.

    Renting Storage on

    Find a Hawthorne storage facility that meets your needs? If so, you can reserve directly online or by calling in to speak with our storage representatives. Thanks for using!

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