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    If you're looking for self storage in Tucson, AZ, you've come to the right place. can help you find, compare, and rent storage in your area, making it easy for you to get the most convenient storage facility, storage unit size, and pricing for your needs. If you're in the middle of a big move and need somewhere to store all of your household belongings, or even if you're just trying to clear some clutter from your home, there's something for you at


    Tucson is an amazing city nestled between mountain ranges in southern Arizona. As the 33rd largest city in the U.S., Tucson is a hub for young professionals, students, and artists. With beautiful scenery and warm weather all year long, residents enjoy outdoor activities like hiking the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains and biking on the hundreds of miles of bike trails in and around the city. Since Tucson draws people from all walks of life, there are many different reasons why residents turn to self storage, but they all come down to a need for space.

    When You're Moving to Tucson

    With a steady economy driven by tourism and promising job opportunities, Tucson is an ideal place to start a new career. The Tucson area is known as "Optics Valley" due to the presence of approximately 150 companies involved in the design and production of optics and related systems. Also, several large employers have a solid footing in Tucson, including Raytheon Missile Systems, the University of Arizona, Texas Instruments, and IBM.

    With the combination of good jobs and beautiful weather in Tucson, there are always new people moving into the city limits. If you're moving to the area for a fresh start or for a career opportunity, Tucson self storage can give you a place to store your belongings while you go house hunting or while you coordinate closing dates, moving dates, and work start dates.

    Self storage features to consider when moving to Tucson:

    Drive-Up Access: Since you'll be storing all of your furniture and appliances, drive-up access will make it easier to move everything from the truck to your storage unit.

    Facility Security: Security is of very high importance when you're placing almost all of your belongings into a storage unit. Look for a facility with advanced security measures like unit alarms, video surveillance, or on-site management.

    Flexible Contract: You may find a house right away, or it may take you longer than you would prefer. Either way, having a flexible storage contract or short-term lease will allow you to use the storage unit just as long as you need and avoid paying for storage longer than you will use it.

    When You're Between Homes

    Another common reason why people use self storage in Tucson is because they are between homes or apartments. There are many reasons why people move from one home to another, whether it's to upgrade to a larger place or to move closer to work. Young professionals who live in the central part of Tucson may want to move closer to downtown for the night life, and others may crave a better view of the Santa Catalina Mountains from northern Tucson. Since leases don't always line up perfectly, and sometimes taking over a new home takes longer than expected, residents who are in the process of a move can use a Tucson storage locker to hold their belongings while they're between residences.

    Self storage features to consider when between homes:

    Short-Term Contract: You likely won't be between homes for too long, so it's important to find a storage facility that will offer a flexible, short-term lease so you only pay for storage as long as you need it.

    Facility Security: Since you'll have all of your belongings in a single storage unit, it's crucial that is has top-notch security. Some facilities offer advanced security provisions like video surveillance, unit alarms, or on-site management.

    Drive-Up Access: The ability to pull a moving truck up to the door of your storage unit will make the entire process of moving heavy furniture and appliances easier and faster.

    When You Need Space for Recreational Gear

    There is no shortage of things to do in the great outdoors of southern Arizona. Tucson residents are big on biking as the city is very friendly to two-wheeled commuters. The nearby Tucson Mountains and Santa Catalina Mountains are popular among those who enjoy hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Mount Lemmon is even home to the southernmost ski destination in the United States. With all of these outdoor activities to choose from, the only downside is finding the place to store all of your recreational gear. Whether it's a set of golf clubs, a mountain bike, or climbing gear, a Tucson storage unit can help you keep all the gear you need without cluttering up your home.

    Self storage features to consider when storing recreational gear:

    Facility Location: You'll want to choose a Tucson self storage location that is convenient to your home, or close by the places you like to use your outdoor gear. When planning hikes, camping trips, or golf outings, you won't want to drive out of your way to pick up your gear or return it to storage.

    Access Hours: Sometimes you'll be out on an adventure until the sun goes down. You don't want to be locked out of your storage facility when it's time to place your things back into storage. Look for a Tucson storage facility with extended evening and weekend hours or 24-hour access.

    Facility Security: A lot of recreational gear is fairly expensive so you'll want to be sure that all of your equipment is well-protected while in storage. Most storage facilities have features like gated access or unit locks, but some have additional security features like video surveillance, unit alarms, or on-site management.

    When You're Attending College

    Tucson is very much a college town, with the University of Arizona boasting an enrollment of around 40,000 students. During summer break, many students have to move out of the dorms until school starts up again in the fall. This leaves students without a place to keep their things. They could move everything back home, but a more convenient option is to rent a Tucson storage unit to house their dorm belongings during this time. Not only will it save students and their parents the effort of moving everything home, but it may even be a more affordable option, particularly for out-of-state students.

    Self storage tips for college students:

    • Share a storage unit with a classmate or roommate in order to split the costs.
    • Find a facility that offers short-term storage contracts so you only have to pay for the storage unit for a few months over the summer.
    • Choose a storage facility close to the University of Arizona so moving in and out of campus housing is quick and convenient.
    • Consider a climate-controlled storage unit in Tucson if you're renting over the summer months.

    When You're in the Military

    Tucson is also home to a large number of active military members and their families. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is one of the largest employers of the area and has a population of more than 14,000 people, including family members. For military members, a Tucson storage locker can be used to increase living space or to store belongings while on a tour of duty.

    Self storage features to consider when storing for military duty:

    • Facility Security: Everything on base is extremely secure, so you'll want your storage unit to be safeguarded, as well, especially if you're going on a tour of duty and cannot check on your unit yourself. Look for Tucson storage facilities with advanced security features like unit alarms, video surveillance, or on-site management.
    • Car Storage: A lot of military members store their cars while they are deployed. Make sure you find a facility that will be secure, and if you are worried about the weather, you can even find an indoor facility.
    • Climate Control: If you are storing your belongings over the summer in Tucson, a climate-controlled unit can protect any sensitive items from the extreme heat by maintaining temperatures between 55-85 degrees in your unit.

    When You Own a Small Business

    With so many creative and talented people in the area, there are a lot of industrious local businesses that thrive in the Tucson economy. Companies that are still in their early years are often looking for ways to save money and gain space as they continue to grow. Many small business owners use Tucson mini storage as an affordable alternative to expanding their office space or as a place to store office supplies or inventory.

    Self storage features to consider for business storage:

    Drive-Up Access: Since you may be accessing your storage unit frequently for your business needs, you'll want your trips to be as quick as possible. Drive-up access allows for faster and easier trips. Also, if you are storing large or heavy equipment, or large amounts of inventory, drive-up access will make it easier to move your assets in and out of the unit.

    24-Hour Access: Time is money for business owners, so you never want to waste it. With 24-hour access you never have to schedule around facility hours.

    Business Center: Some Tucson storage facilities provide business amenities, such as Wi-Fi, electrical outlets inside units, or conference rooms, to help business owners continue their work while they are at their storage unit.


    With Arizona's warmer climate, summer temperatures often climb over 100 degrees. We suggest using a climate-controlled storage unit in Tucson because many items in storage can be affected by extreme heat. Climate control keeps your unit between 55–85 degrees so that sensitive items—such as electronics, antiques, books, photos, documents, and more—won't be damaged.


    Thank you for stopping by! If you've found a Tucson self storage unit that fits your needs, you can either reserve it directly online or call in to speak with one of our storage representatives.

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