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    In need of some extra storage space in Tempe, AZ? Look no further. can help you search and compare storage facilities in just a few clicks. Sift through instant results based on location, pricing, and amenities to reserve your ideal storage unit right here on the site.


    Also known as Hayden's Ferry during the territorial times of Arizona, Tempe is a city in Maricopa County with a population over 168,000. The city is named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece.

    Regardless of what brings you to Tempe in the first place, the process of finding a facility that meets your unique storage needs is quick and simple.

    Relocating to Tempe

    Home to the country’s largest public university by enrollment, Tempe boasts an urban lifestyle that lies just beyond the outskirts of Phoenix. Warm temperatures, educational opportunities, busy city life, and a plethora of jobs in high tech industries are among the growing list of attractions for Tempe’s new residents.

    Holding the most high tech firms in the state, Tempe also serves as the headquarters for US Airways, Insight Enterprises, Go Daddy, Mobile Mini, Limelight Networks, LifeLock, First Solar, Circle K, Fulton Homes, and Salt River Project. Other major employers in the city include ASU, Motorola, Chase Bank Card Services, and Honeywell Aerospace—making it a great place of residency for professionals of various levels and ages.

    Relocating for a new job or internship, education, or simply for a change of scenery is always exciting and refreshing. However, sometimes the stress that follows moving itself can cast a shadow on the experience altogether. Don’t let this be the case for you—take the hassle out of moving by transitioning your things with a storage unit near you in Tempe. Whether you use it for seasonal purposes, to declutter, or merely for housing those items that just don’t fit in your current space, renting a storage unit can be a huge help make the rough task of moving much easier.

    Storage Amenities to look for when relocating:

    • Climate Control: Although not necessarily breaking news, Arizona’s climate is hot and unpredictable. It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a unit in Tempe, as many of the items you wish to store may require specific temperature conditions.
    • Short-Term Rental Agreements: Many storage facilities in Tempe offer flexible lease terms that allow you to rent your unit on a monthly or even weekly basis. If you’re in between living spaces or relocating to Tempe, look into these short-term options that will match up with your temporary storage needs.
    • Drive-up Access: Carrying items from your moving truck or vehicle into the unit itself is a cinch with drive-up access. Pull right up to the door of your storage unit and cut out extra time and sweat with this convenient feature.

    Downtown Living

    Many new residents choose to live in the heart of Tempe for its vibrant environment and convenient surroundings. Stroll down Mill Avenue and take in the countless shops and restaurants, or enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the middle of the city on a kayak in Tempe Town Lake. With concerts, festivals, and all kinds of events, there are times you may even find some of Tempe’s most bustling streets blocked off for the occasion.

    Instead of letting space constraints put a damper on your ideal city space, you can have the best of both worlds by using a Tempe storage unit for all of your overflow items. Keep your area spacious and tidy by storing away all of your seasonal and non-essential belongings.

    Storage features to consider living downtown:

    • Security: Many facilities located in the busy streets downtown offer extra security features to protect your stored items. Take note of the facilities with amenities such as gated access, keypad entry, and surveillance cameras when storing in heavily populated areas.
    • Location: When it comes to the distance between your front door and the door of your storage unit, the closer the better. Scoping out which storage facilities are closest to your location should play a large role in deciding which is best suited for you.
    • Unit Size: Jot down your items and their measurements before trying to determine which size of storage unit can accommodate your needs. This is especially crucial when storing large or unstackable items.

    Self Storage for College Students

    If you’re a new or current student attending Arizona State, you may consider Tempe your home away from home. With a near 50,000 students enrolled each year, ASU takes the title for largest public university by enrollment in the country. Offering more than 250 undergraduate majors within 16 colleges, it’s safe to say the university and its living quarters of ASU are bustling with Sun Devils.

    The only downside to such a thriving atmosphere is the lack of personal space for storing some of your most treasured items. A cramped lifestyle in the dorms means sharing space with roommates, where you probably won’t have enough room for multiple sets of furniture or appliances. However, this doesn’t mean you have to declare a space war, because renting a storage unit near your living quarters is a convenient and quick-fix.

    Storage features for college students to consider:

    • Short-term: If you’re heading home for the short summer months before classes start up again, a storage unit could be your saving grace. Trying to haul items back and forth in such a quick period of time is exhausting, not to mention the unnecessary wear and tear to your items. Pick a facility with flexible lease terms that allow you to store your belongings on a month-to-month basis while you’re away on break.
    • Size: A little space goes a long way, so be sure to measure the items you wish to store before deciding on a unit size. Unit sizes typically range from 5x5-20x30, so ask your facility manager which size they recommend for your scenario.
    • Location: Choosing a storage facility near your apartment or dorm is a huge help during the decluttering process, especially if you rely on public transportation. On that note, keep a look out for the facilities who offer free use of a moving truck upon renting a unit.


    Thank you for visiting for your Tempe storage needs. Rent your unit right here online or call in to speak to a representative.

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