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    starting at $19 per month
    CubeSmart Self Storage
    909 South Country Club Drive
    Mesa AZ, 85210
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    Extra Space Storage
    112 N Alma School Rd
    Mesa AZ, 85201
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    Extra Space Storage
    765 E Baseline Rd
    Gilbert AZ, 85233
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    Mesa Secure Storage
    2253 E University Drive
    Mesa AZ, 85213
    2.86 miles away
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    starting at $38 per month
    CubeSmart Self Storage
    3026 South Country Club Drive
    Mesa AZ, 85210
    3.98 miles away

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  • Finding Storage in Mesa, Arizona

    Looking for additional storage space in Mesa, AZ? is here to help! Our site is designed to help you find, compare, and rent storage within minutes. You can even compare Mesa storage units by location, unit size, price, and features. Once you find an affordable storage unit that has everything you need, you can reserve it right here on


    Whether you're moving into the area from out of town, are running out of space at your current house or apartment, or only spend a portion of the year in Mesa and need to store household items when you're not in the area, you can find a Mesa storage unit to help you accomplish your goals.

    Moving to Mesa

    The third largest city in Arizona, Mesa is a popular location thanks to its excellent climate, low cost of living, and strong local economy. There's no shortage of employment opportunities in Mesa. Some of the largest employers in Mesa include Banner Health Systems, Boeing, Walmart, and Nammo Talley, Inc. Also, with Phoenix only 20 miles away, many people choose to live in Mesa and commute to Phoenix for work. As a result, many people relocate to Mesa to pursue work opportunities or get a fresh start in a warm and sunny place.

    Relocating for a job is exciting, but it can come with a fair amount of stress. Finding a new home quickly and lining up moving dates can be a challenge. Mesa mini storage is a great resource for minimizing the hassle of uprooting your life and moving to a new community. It helps you move quickly by providing a convenient, secure place to put everything while you explore the city and find a new home.

    Storage features to consider when relocating:

    • Drive-Up Access: Work smarter not harder with a drive-up access unit to make loading and unloading easy. You can back a moving truck up to the door of your storage unit so transferring heavy or bulky items is more manageable.
    • Short-Term Rental Agreements: Hopefully, you won't be in transition for too long. Look for a Mesa storage facility with a flexible lease that allows you to rent on a monthly or weekly basis so that you don't have to pay for storage longer than you will use it.

    Maximizing Your Space

    A two-bedroom apartment in Mesa ranges between $650 and $1,300 per month, and the cost of living is 6.6% below the national average, making Mesa a relatively affordable city. Even in an inexpensive community, it can feel like there's never enough space at home, especially if you're living downtown, where apartments tend to be smaller and more costly per square foot than homes in outlying areas.

    It's hard to decide between an ideal location in the city center or enough space for all of your things. A storage unit in Downtown Mesa can help you have both by giving you the additional space you need. Instead of upgrading to a larger, more expensive living space or moving out of downtown, try maximizing the space you have and saving some money by renting a storage unit. Self storage makes it easy to move items like seasonal clothing, extra furniture, and documents in and out when you need them, and it's all stored in one convenient location.

    Features to consider for long-term storage:

    • Facility Security: If you're storing valuable possessions, security is a priority. Look for features like gated access, alarmed units, video surveillance, or on-site management to ensure your belongings are protected.
    • Drive-up Access: A drive-up access unit makes loading and unloading large or heavy items easy by allowing you to back a moving truck up to the door of your storage unit.

    Seasonal Living in Mesa

    Mesa is a prime location for snowbirds—that is, people who migrate and live in warmer climates during the winter months. Usually, snowbirds are retirees with a home in a northern state who move down south for a few months to escape the snow. Instead of managing two households in different states or moving cross-country twice a year, many snowbirds rent houses or condos in Arizona in the winter and store their household items in a Mesa storage locker during the off-season.

    • Facility Security: You'll want to feel confident that your belongings are safe while you are out of the area. Look for a Mesa storage facility with features like gated access, video surveillance, alarmed units, or on-site management for added security.
    • Drive-up Access: Renting a unit with drive-up access unit will make loading and unloading easy. By backing a moving truck up to the door of your storage unit, transferring heavy items is more manageable.
    • Climate Control: The average high temperature in Mesa in July is 106°F, and the record high is 116°F—it gets hot. Renting a climate-controlled unit in Mesa during the summer months will keep the temperature between 55-85°F, protecting your items from the heat, which can damage furniture, clothes, electronics, books, documents, and more.

    Self Storage for College Students in Mesa

    Arizona State University is the largest public university in the United States when it comes to student enrollment numbers, as it enrolls more than 76,000 undergraduate and graduate students in 16 different schools. ASU's Polytechnic campus is in Mesa, and the Tempe campus is only a 20 minute drive away on University Drive. If you're a student at ASU, consider renting a storage unit over summer break instead of hauling your furniture and belongings back home for a few months only to have to repack and haul it back in August.

    Helpful storage features for college students:

    • Storage Unit Size: If you're storing your college essentials like bedding, a mini-fridge, and school supplies, a 5x5 or 5x10 unit should be large enough. A 5x5 unit will generally cost between $25 and $45 per month in Mesa. If you want more space, consider sharing a unit with a friend to save money.
    • Short-Term Rental Agreements: Find a Mesa self storage facility that offers a short-term lease so that you don't have to pay for storage longer than you will use it.
    • Climate-Controlled Units: Temperatures peak over 100°F throughout June, July, and August in Arizona. When storing items over the summer, you will probably want to choose a climate-controlled storage unit to protect sensitive items that can be damaged by extreme temperatures.

    Storing Recreational Equipment

    Whether you're biking up Superstition Mountain, hiking on the Apache Trail, or playing 18 holes at the Dobson Ranch Golf Course, there are a lot of exciting ways to enjoy the scenery of the desert landscape around Mesa. When you're not outside adventuring, you can store your equipment in a storage unit so you're not tripping over your clubs during the week or shoving your bike in the closet until the next ride.

    Features to consider when storing recreational equipment:

    • Unit Size: Measure the gear you want to store to determine what size unit you will need. A 5x5 unit could accommodate golf clubs and other small items, but you may need a 5x10 unit or larger for items like mountain bikes, kayaks, or canoes. Use our interactive storage reference guide to see what size is ideal for you.
    • 24-Hour Access: You never know when the urge to hit the road, trail, or lake is going to hit, or when you're going to be out later than planned. A facility offering 24-hour access to your unit makes it convenient to pick up and return your equipment on your own schedule.

    Using Auto, Boat, and RV Storage in Mesa

    From boating on the Salt River to heading to the Grand Canyon with the RV, the region surrounding Mesa offers many opportunities for using recreational vehicles. However, when not in use, it can be challenging to find a place at home large enough to store these fun toys. Vehicle storage in Mesa makes it easy to enjoy your boat or RV when you want and keep it safe and out of the way at other times. Also, people who live in Mesa seasonally can store a vehicle when they return to their summer home to keep it safe while they are away.

    Storage Options for Vehicles:

    • Outdoor storage is the most affordable option but offers no protection from the elements.
    • Covered storage is a little more expensive and provides some protection from the elements.
    • Indoor storage is the most expensive option and provides complete protection from the elements.


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