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    Looking for self storage in Glendale, AZ? is here to provide for all of your storage needs. Search for storage units in your area, then compare location, price, amenities, and size. Once you've found the perfect unit for you, you can even reserve it right here on!


    Whether you're new to Glendale by way of a job, school, or simply seeking a change of scenery, many people will use self storage during a move. Using storage during a move is a convenient and cost-effective way to eliminate the stress of trying to get everything out of your old home or into your new home all at once. Glendale mini storage is also a great option if you currently live in Glendale and need extra space at home or a place to store a vehicle.

    Relocating to Glendale

    It's no surprise that people are relocating to Glendale. As a large city with plenty of opportunities and a lower unemployment rate than the rest of Arizona, it's a great place to find work. The medical field is rife with opportunities, as Banner Health System and Arrowhead Hospital employ a large number of Glendale residents. Glendale is also home to Midwestern University, the first medical school in the Phoenix metro area, so education is a large job market in Glendale, from elementary levels through community colleges and graduate programs. 

    Making the move to a new city is always an exciting process. Where excitement gives way to stress, though, can be in finding an affordable and easy solution to some of your space needs. Whether you need a storage unit in Glendale because you're still looking for the perfect new home, or because your old lease and new one don't align exactly as you'd hoped, a storage unit is an economical option.

    Storage features to consider when relocating:

    • Short-Term Rental Agreements: Month-to-month rentals are fairly standard in the storage industry and allow a good amount of flexibility with your lease since you can always decide to pay for an additional month.
    • Drive-Up Access: Particularly for cross-country moves or situations that require you to pack up a whole house of belongings, drive-up access can be a lifesaver. These units are designed just like a garage with a roll-up door that allows you to pull your car or moving truck directly up to the unit.
    • Climate Control: Though you're not likely to see much precipitation in the area, Glendale does see extreme heat during the year, particularly in the spring and summer. This is why climate-controlled storage in Glendale is worthwhile. If you're storing wooden furniture, electronics, or other delicate items, a unit that's kept between 55-85°F with low humidity will protect your items from weather-related damage.

    Living in Downtown Glendale

    Life in Downtown Glendale has a little something for everybody. The area is well-known for its shopping, from the widely-recognized antique shops that make up Caitlin Court to boutiques and galleries that dot the rest of the downtown scene. Between A Touch of Europe cafe and adorable coffee shops like A Shot of Java and Mighty Cup Coffee House, you'll never be bored (or hungry) living in Glendale's most fun neighborhood.

    The trade off with any downtown living spot, however, is higher rent for smaller homes, which means you're not going to have a lot of space for your belongings unless you want to rent a more expensive apartment. Fortunately, Glendale storage units can help here, too. With a storage unit, you can keep your smaller, less expensive home and still have room for all of your things.

    Storage features to consider when living downtown:

    • Facility Location: Especially when you're storing belongings that you'll need frequent access to, you don't want a facility that's far from your home. Find a Glendale storage facility that's a short drive or walk away.
    • Storage Security: Security measures vary from facility to facility, running the gamut from alarmed units to unit locks and gated access. Look for facilities that offer the best storage security for your things.
    • 24-Hour Access: You don't want to wait for the storage facility to open when you need to grab something quickly. This is where a facility with round-the-clock access can help.

    Military Storage

    Luke Air Force Base is one of the largest employers in Glendale, as well as a major reason why people move to the city. Between military personnel and their families, the population of Luke Air Force Base sits at more than 20,000. 

    While living on-base is incredibly convenient, it doesn't always come with a lot of elbow room. Not to mention, if you're temporarily stationed at another base across the country for a few months or deployed overseas for a year, you may need somewhere safe to keep your belongings. Many active military and their families turn to Glendale storage units in these situations. 

    Storage features to consider for military storage:

    • Vehicle Storage: Vehicle storage means different things at different facilities. You can rent an entire unit dedicated to your vehicle to serve as an off-site garage or simply rent a covered parking spot in a secure lot to keep your car safe. Either way, the option to have somewhere secure to put your car is great.
    • Storage Security: If you're placing a lot of valuables in storage or will be gone for an extended amount of time, knowing that your belongings are protected is one less thing to worry about on the homefront. Video surveillance, on-site management, alarmed units—these are all things to look for with your facility/unit.
    • Military Discounts: Some Glendale self storage facilities may offer military discounts. Be sure to ask the facilities you consider if this is available to you.

    Seasonal Storage

    Snowbirds, or people who spend harsh winters in warmer climates, are extremely popular in Arizona. Whether you rent out your home to these sunshine lovers, or you only see Arizona during the rest of the country's snowy months, Glendale mini storage can be an incredibly convenient way to keep your belongings safe. 

    If you have snowbird tenants, keeping your valuable or personal belongings out of the house during their stay is a perfect use for self storage. For snowbirds who come to Arizona, securing storage makes more sense than carting items back and forth each year. 

    Storage features to consider for seasonal storage:

    • Climate Control: For snowbirds who leave their belongings in storage during the months they're not in Glendale, a storage unit with climate control is absolutely necessary. That way, all of the sensitive items you store won't be broken or damaged by the time you return the following winter.
    • Unit Size: The storage unit size you'll need is entirely dependent on what you'll need to store. If you're only looking to store bedding and some boxes, then a small unit like a 5x5 or 5x10 should do the trick. If, however, you're looking to store more than that, say large pieces of furniture, you may need to secure a bigger space.
    • Facility Location: Obviously, you'll want a Glendale storage unit that's close to your home (or your winter home). This makes it easier when it comes time to move things out or into your Glendale home since you won't have to go out of your way to grab items or drop them off.


    Thanks for visiting! Once you've found the storage unit that's right for you, you can reserve it right here on our site or call in to speak with a storage representative.

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