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Indoor Storage Units: What They Are and When They're Recommended

Indoor storage units are comparable to a closet space inside of a building structure. Rather than driving up to this type of storage unit, as is the case with outdoor storage units, you enter a building through a locked door with a personalized code provided by the storage facility. Your unit will usually be located in a hallway within the building.

Below are some factors to consider when choosing between an indoor storage unit and an outdoor storage unit.

Climate-Controlled Indoor Storage

The most common reason why self storage users would choose indoor storage over outdoor is that they want or need a climate-controlled storage unit. If you'll be putting items into storage that can be damaged by high or low temperatures, don't react well to temperature changes, or could be damaged by exposure to high humidity, then an indoor, climate-controlled storage unit will be the better option.

Indoor Storage Access Types

Certain facilities will offer different storage access types, such as ground-level access or upper-level access. Most indoor storage facilities are just a single level without higher floors that require elevators or stairs. However, some facilities—especially those in downtown areas—may be multi-level, in which case you'll be able to choose between a ground-level unit and an upper-level unit.

Indoor Storage Unit Sizes

Outdoor storage units can run the gamut of storage unit sizes ranging from 5x5 all the way up to 10x30 and larger. When looking to store indoors, though, you typically won't find larger storage units. Though this varies from facility to facility, common indoor storage unit sizes include:

  • 5x5
  • 5x10
  • 5x15
  • 10x10
  • 10x15

If you need more information on storage unit sizes and what can fit in them, be sure to check out our storage unit size guide.

Indoor Storage Security

Many renters feel like their belongings are more secure when stored in an inside storage unit. Though plenty of precautions are taken for outdoor units as well, indoor storage does have some security perks. This is especially true if the storage facility offers both indoor and outdoor storage. You'll have two levels of defense: a gate with coded access at the entrance of the facility and a code-locked door to enter the building.