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Self Storage for College Students

Looking for college student storage? Storage.com can help you find a storage unit at a storage facility near your university's campus.

Reasons for Using College Storage

  • Summer Break: Since most residence halls don’t allow students to keep their belongings at school over the summer, students are faced with either finding a place to store everything or moving their belongings back home for the summer. Renting a storage unit near campus is an easy solution.
  • Studying Abroad: If your education takes you outside of the country for a semester or a whole year, renting a storage unit allows you to safely store your belongings while you're away and means you don't have to pay for living space you're not using.

Storage Unit Sizes for College Students

  • 5x5: This storage unit size is best for college students storing a small mattress set, a dresser, and a few boxes from their dorm rooms.
  • 5x10: This storage unit size is best for college students storing a queen-sized mattress set, a dresser, a mini fridge, a small table, boxes, and other dorm room or apartment items.

Are There Self Storage Discounts for College Students?

Many storage facilities on Storage.com offer discounts specifically for students to help them afford a storage unit. If you’re looking for cheap student storage near campus and want to save a few bucks, call us at (866) 617-3621, and we’ll help point you toward facilities in your area offering student discounts. Most facilities will require a current student ID upon arrival.