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Climate-Controlled Storage: What It Is and When It's Recommended

Climate-controlled storage is kept at a temperature between 55-85°F. In general, climate control is beneficial for storing valuable or temperature-sensitive items. Because climate-controlled storage units are almost always indoors, your items will be better protected from damage caused by external conditions.

Do I Need Climate Control?

To determine if you're a candidate for climate-controlled storage, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where am I storing my items?
  • What kind of items am I storing?
  • How long will I be storing my items?

Where Am I Storing My Items?

Do you live in a region that experiences extreme heat, cold, or humidity? If you do, you'll want to rent climate-controlled storage to protect your belongings.

Extreme heat affects the Southwest, Southeast, and most of the Midwest.

Extreme cold affects the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, most of the Rocky Mountain region, East North Central near the Great Lakes, New England, and Mid-Atlantic.

Extreme humidity affects the Pacific Coast and the eastern half of the country, including the Midwest, South and Southwest regions, East North Central near the Great Lakes, East South Central, South Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, and New England.

What Kind of Items Am I Storing?

If the items you plan to store are temperature-sensitive or of high value (whether monetary or sentimental), consider climate control. Below are some common items that need temperature-controlled storage.

  • Wine
  • Furniture and antiques (both wooden and upholstered)
  • Computers, TVs, speakers, cameras, other electronic devices
  • Coins, stamps, comic books, other special collections
  • Classic cars, sports cars, equipment with metal
  • Books, photographs, anything paper-based

How Long Will I Be Storing My Items?

If you only need storage for one month or less, your items will likely be fine without climate control. Any longer than that will put your items at a greater risk of damage from heat, cold, or humidity.

Get climate-controlled storage if:

  • You don’t know how long your belongings will be in storage.
  • You’re storing items year-round.
  • Your belongings have high sentimental value.

Don't get climate-controlled storage if:

  • You’re between homes and using storage temporarily while moving.
  • You're storing items that were made to handle outdoor conditions (e.g., camping or sporting gear).