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Cheap Storage Units Near You

There's more to getting good self storage prices than filtering results. You have to understand the average cost of a storage unit, what factors go into storage costs, and what things you can sacrifice in order to save money on storage.

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

Below are the general price ranges for standard storage unit sizes in the U.S.

  • 5x5 Storage Unit Price: $20 to $85
  • 5x10 Storage Unit Price: $20 to $85
  • 10x10 Storage Unit Price: $80 to $160
  • 10x15 Storage Unit Price: $100 to $200
  • 10x20 Storage Unit Price: $100 to $280
  • 10x30 Storage Unit Price: $165 to $300

Note: Some storage facilities will offer unique unit sizes that aren't listed here, such as 5x8 or 20x30.

While these are the general ranges for standard unit rates, keep in mind that not all facilities across the U.S. will have these prices, as there are many factors that determine what a storage unit costs.

What Determines Self Storage Pricing?

  • Location: The bigger the city, the more expensive the self storage market. Also, a storage facility's location within a city can affect price (e.g., a facility in a crowded downtown area typically has higher rates).
  • Features: Self storage amenities like climate-controlled storage, security, indoor access, and vehicle storage usually contribute to more expensive unit rentals.
  • Facility Quality: Better facilities, like better hotels, will charge higher rates than old, outdated, and poorly-maintained facilities.
  • Seasonal Demand: During the spring and summer months, self storage facilities typically see higher demand and more rentals. The fall and winter, however, is when new self storage rentals plateau or drop off, as fewer people move and spring clean. In other words, fall and winter can mean cheaper storage rates.

How to Get Cheap Storage

  • Find a Cheaper Facility Location: If you live in a population-dense downtown area, you can see significant drops in storage unit prices just by looking at facilities outside of the area. Try expanding your self storage search beyond your address or zip code, and you'll most likely find more affordable storage.
  • Choose the Right Unit Size: Knowing exactly what you'll be storing ahead of time can help you choose the best storage unit size for your needs so you aren't paying for unused space. Check out our storage unit size guide.
  • Don't Get Unnecessary Features: The fewer amenities you have, the cheaper your storage unit will be. Also, keep in mind that the accessibility of your storage unit can change your monthly rent. Indoor units and units on the ground level are generally costlier because they're more convenient. Opt for an outdoor unit or a unit on an upper level if you can.
  • Rent During Non-Peak Seasons: In the self storage industry, the fall and winter months are considered the "slow season." If you can, rent a storage unit during these months to get more affordable rates.
  • Search for Online Specials: The facilities listed on Storage.com often have great deals for renters. If you want low-cost storage, Storage.com can help you find them!