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Commercial Self Storage: Practical, Affordable Storage Space for Your Business

For businesses, there's no such thing as too much storage space. With documents, equipment, materials, inventory, and more, it isn't uncommon to run out of space at your business' location, whether it's at an office or at home. Use the information below to find the best commercial storage option for your needs.

Business Storage Services

Commercial storage isn't just about storage units for businesses. Many storage facilities have gone beyond simply offering storage units to providing document storage, functioning business centers, and commercial vehicle storage, all of which are becoming increasingly popular business storage services around the country.

  • Standard Business Storage: Need additional space to store equipment, files, or inventory? A standard storage unit is the solution you're looking for.
  • Commercial Document Storage: Drowning in documents? A growing number of self storage facilities have commercial record centers where you can keep hard-copy records.
  • Business Centers: Need storage with office space? Some storage facilities now offer small office spaces with all the functionality you need to run your business, including Internet access, phone lines, and more.
  • Business Vehicle Storage: Can't keep a commercial vehicle at home? Many storage facilities offer options for auto storage, such as outdoor, covered, or indoor parking spaces.

Business Storage Features & Amenities to Consider

Depending on what you're using business storage for and what you'll be storing, there are different features and amenities storage facilities offer that you may want to keep in mind.

  • Extended or 24-Hour Access: Standard access hours at a storage facility are typically in the 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. range. If this doesn't cut it for your business, then you'll want to find a storage facility that offers extended or even 24-hour access. That way, you can access your storage unit when it's convenient for you.
  • Drive-Up Access: If you'll be making frequent trips to your business storage unit to pick up and drop off equipment or inventory regularly, you're going to want drive-up access.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage: An indoor storage unit can keep your inventory in a temperature-controlled environment to make sure that extreme heat, cold, or humidity won't impact the quality of your products.
  • Security: When storing anything essential to your business, whether it's retail inventory or construction equipment, you need to know your storage items are secure.


Business Storage FAQs

Can I use a storage unit as an office?

It depends on the storage facility and their rules. Most of the time, self storage facilities won't offer this as an option for commercial storage. However, there are some facilities that do allow storage units to be used as office spaces. If this is a business storage option you're looking for, call in to speak with one of our storage experts.

Can I receive commercial shipments at the storage facility?

Some facilities will accept deliveries on your behalf while others will not. If the storage facility is committed to providing quality business storage, they will most likely accept deliveries sent to the storage facility. Call in today to speak with our team if this is important to you. We'll help you find a facility that accepts business deliveries.

Will large vehicles, including semi trucks, be able to access a storage facility?

If this is something that your business needs, you'll want a self storage facility that has wide-drive aisles or 18-wheeler access. Our team can help find a facility that's capable of handling larger vehicles, so call in and speak with one of our representatives today!