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Boat Storage: Protecting Your Vessel When It's Not in the Water

If you're looking for a safe place to keep your boat during the winter, when you're not using it, or simply out of your driveway, there are plenty of vehicle storage options available near you.

Boat Storage Types: Indoor, Covered, Outdoor

  • Indoor Boat Storage: Because indoor boat storage allows boat owners to park their boats inside garage-like storage units, indoor is the best option for secure boat storage and keeping boats out of inclement weather. Typically, this is only available to smaller vessels, such as fishing boats and small ski boats.
  • Covered Boat Storage: Covered boat storage is a popular choice among boat owners, as boats can be parked under the cover of a roof. This is a good option for larger vessels that aren't able to fit inside a storage unit, such as ski boats, runabouts, and pontoons.
  • Outdoor Boat Storage: Outdoor storage is the most common type of boat storage. Boat owners get a reserved parking space where they can store a boats of any size (excluding cigarette boats and yachts, which are too big for out-of-water storage). These spaces often come in 20-foot or 30-foot sizes.

How Much Does Boat Storage Cost?

The cost of boat storage depends on several factors, including which type of boat storage you've chosen, the location of the storage facility, and the city you live in.

Pricing of Indoor Boat Storage

The price for a 10x20 vehicle storage unit is anywhere between $100 and $280 a month. If you jump up to a 10x30 vehicle storage unit, the price can be anywhere between $165 and $300 a month.

Pricing of Covered Boat Storage

For covered boat storage between 10x30 and 12x40 sizes, you can expect to pay somewhere around $65 and $170 a month. This depends on the facility and what covered storage sizes they offer.

Pricing of Outdoor Boat Storage

For a 20-foot outdoor parking spot, you're looking at anywhere between $25 and $60 a month. For a 30-foot spot, the price will fall somewhere between $42 and $80 a month. If your vehicle requires a larger outdoor space than the sizes offered by most boat storage facilities, you can expect to pay $100+ a month.


Boat Storage FAQs

Will I be able to pick up/drop off my boat whenever I want?

If you need frequent access to your boat while it's in storage, look for a vehicle storage facility that has extended hours or 24-hour access. This will allow you to pick up and drop off your boat when it's convenient for you, meaning you won't have to worry about scheduling your trips around the facility's hours.

Will my boat be safe at a storage facility?

If the safety of your boat is a concern, it's best to find a storage facility that offers advanced security. These features can include 24-hour video surveillance, property lighting, gated access, perimeter fencing, alarmed units, and on-site management. Call our storage representatives at (866) 617-3621, and they can help you find a secure facility for your boat right now.

Can I just store my boat over the winter?

Of course! Most storage facilities have month-to-month rental agreements, which means you can store your boat for as long as you need. This is also beneficial if you decide you want to use boat storage longer than you intended. Be sure to talk with the facility before reserving your vehicle storage space.